Janjyoti Computer Saksharta Mission
( Work related to The Ministry of Human Resources & Saksharta )

About Us

The founder trustees and managerial personnel were having computer classes since last 10 years. In the field of computer environment and computer courses, they used to provide many computer courses to the school going, college going students as well as to the general public. The whole experience taught the founder trustees that the whole scenario has been changed since last decade. The “Computer” has become Must for all the people at large. Not even to the Working People, but also to the students, women, retired persons need to know about the usage of computer and computer related applications. The surrounding atmosphere is now demanding those people who knows computer very well. Since last five years, the usage of computer and computer related applications have been used in the area of banking, post offices, offices, businesses, e-mail, internet, e-filing, e-commerce, e-trading, e-accounting etc. The whole world is now connected with the computer. As there has is huge demand and use of computers commercially, students of schools, colleges and women must be aware and trained by someone to provide a good Base and Platform for their better economic future.

With the good experience in the computer field, the members found many interesting information which entails that the needy people do not get computer knowledge. The people who learn computer are not able to apply them in practical life whenever needed. The programming languages and other computer course is generally designed which do not encourage people to learn them by heart. The computer languages are taught by other computer classes in such a manner that people failed to understand them. The course is generally designed in such a manner that many people failed to even complete the whole course duration. Many a times the course fees is too high to afford it for general public.

The object of the founder members is to make aware the public at large about the computers and to literate them about the usage of computers in the practical life. They are interested in providing the best course at affordable price. They want to teach each school going students by conducting special events and seminars in different schools. By providing good courses which are practical based, train the youths for their bright future by way of getting good employment.

In order to fulfill the above objective, the members started training activities at small level at their computer class itself. They started providing good computer course with quality study material at very affordable prices. However, due to lack of infrastructure the benefits could not be transferred to the public at large. Alternatively, they contacted many schools for providing training programs at school level to as many students as possible during Holiday and Sundays. However, the response was very weak. Only 25 % students were taking benefits of such holiday classes. Many schools do not have computers / computer classrooms. So due to lack of infrastructure available in the schools, the members were unable to achieve their dream.

After having the above drawbacks and poor response, the members decided to form One Charitable Educational Institution where people come at large, get good skill and knowledge at very low rates. We are behind those who really want the real education in real sense which really helps them in building their career. We are here to support them in whatever means we can. Behind all these, we are not at all working to earn profits but to earn blessings and good wishes of parents and students. If only we sacrifice some of our comforts and luxury then we can help them tremendously. As per the holy book Geetaji, there is nothing better than to teach a needy. May be this is your chance to be part of God's mission in Gujarat, India. Even if you happened to live far from the mission field, we provide you an opportunity to pray visit, support.